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Summer Destinations



Naturism has long been widely accepted in Europe especially around the Mediterranean where naturist

tourism keeps growing. France has large number of naturist resorts including the self-contained nudist

city of Cap D'Agde. In addition, Paris’ first nudist park, located in the Bois de Vincennes and opened in

summer (August 31 till October 15, 2017) is available to the public free of charge. Spain is another

popular naturist tourist destination. The Banana Beach on Skiathos island in Greece also attracts huge

number of naturist tourists.



Public nudity is not a social norm in Africa. However, there is a small number of beaches in South

Africa, such as the Sandy Beach and Mpenjati, where nudity is accepted. Attitudes towards naturism

are now more accepting after 1994. There are some resorts or campgrounds where naturism is




There is very little naturist activity in Asia. In Japan, some hot spring (onsen) baths allow mixed gender

nudity. In South Korea, nude communal bathing (Jjimjibang) is common. Naturism seems to be more

acceptable in Thailand. There are clothing optional or nudist resorts in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hau Hin

and Sattahip



Naturism in Australia was confined in secretive clubs in the mid 1920s. After World War II, naturism

was expanding with many new naturist clubs being established. Since the late 1960s, social nudity are

moving to the open. Now there are many nudist and clothing optional resorts, campgrounds, Bed &

Breakfast and beaches to meet the needs of increasing number of naturist tourists from both overseas

and within Australia



Canadians became interested in naturism in the early 20


century. The Van Tan Club, the first naturist

club founded Ray Connett ("The Father of Canadian Nudism") was opened in 1939 and continues

today in North Vancouver, BC.. Naturism/nudism keeps expanding from coast to coast after the post-

war era when Canadian military servicemen brought back their experience in Europe

East Europe

The acceptance degree of naturism in East Europe depends on individual country. There are naturist/nudist campgrounds and resorts in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece and Croatia. Naturism is important in Croatian tourism industry and also limited to the coast regions.


United States

German immigrants brought the practice of naturism into the US in the early 20th

century. At present, naturism is booming and becomes the fastest growing sector in the travel business.


Naturism/nudism is legally considered as "immorality". Playa Zipolite is the only legal public nude beach. However, private libertine/lifestyle type resorts, that are not characterized as 'naturist' can exist

Central America

Countries in Central America are socially conservative and thus naturism/nudism is basically not accepted. However, a few clothing optional/naturist resorts are found in Costa Rica and Honduras.


The Caribbean is culturally complex and thus the acceptance of naturism/nudism depends on the

individual island country. Naturist resorts are found in Jamaica, St Martin, Antigua and Curacao.


In Italy, public nudity is legally prohibited. However, naturist clubs, B&B and resorts are established mainly in north and south Italy.


Naturism is very well accepted in the Scandinavian countries.  The prevalence of naturism is mainly in the summer months because of the long cold winters in the area.

United Kingdom

Naturism in the UK is generally accepted and becoming more popular.  There are plenty of naturist clubs and retreats that are basically for locals; and many of them also accept holiday makers and day visitors.

South America

Naturism/nudism is limited accepted in South America though there are number of nude beaches. Nude beaches, except small number of official ones, are either in remote areas or not regulated.  Few nudist resorts/hotels are found in Brazil and Uruguay.

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